Pure technology

The technological heart of Sintesi is optimised to offer all the tools necessary for effective, measurable and motivating training.

Combining maximum freedom of movement with the precision and power of a robot, Sintesi has taken the traditional multi-functional gym to the next evolutionary level.

Resistance mode

Rapid and consistent improvement over time requires varied, stimulating and enjoyable workouts. Sintesi allows you to choose different load profiles that combine the training experiences of different pieces of kit in one machine.


Constant resistance as provided by free weights and isotonic machines. But unlike with barbells and dumbbells, the training force remains stable over the entire range of motion, with no points of disengagement or dangerous overloads. Plus the added benefit of no bulky weights to move around.


In strength training and functional recovery, the load increases in the release (eccentric) phase, when the muscle is stronger and can work harder. Optimise your workout by increasing muscle recruitment. A valid alternative to isoinertial machines.


The harder you pull and greater the force, just like elastic. Choose the resistance level of your elastic and benefit from continual contraction of the gluteal or abdominal muscles.


Replicates the effects of training in viscous fluid. Choose the viscosity of the fluid and enjoy a cardio or endurance workout like you would on a rowing machine. Or perform a series of training-to-failure exercises or weighted sprints against the resistance of a virtual parachute.

Control gravity

Get the most out of your performance with Dynamic Vectoring, an internationally patented technology based on the study of human biomechanics, allowing you to perform exercises in a natural way, simulating gravity and ensuring total freedom of movement.

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Fixed point

Like with cable machines or isotonic equipment such as lat pulldown machines, the direction of the force converges at a fixed point that can be set automatically. This mode allows you to focus your training on specific muscle groups.

Directable gravity

The direction of the force remains constant, for example downwards, and follows your movement just like gravity on a free weight, dumbbell or barbell, without restricting movement. This mode supports the natural biomechanics of your body, offering greater engagement of your stabilising muscles and activating more muscle groups simultaneously.

The most natural way to train

You want safe, ergonomic workouts. Sintesi automatically adapts to your proportions, posture and range of motion, guiding you to execute each movement in the most beneficial way.

The app has it all covered

You can access all possible feature combinations with ease thanks to the Sintesi app, which offers pre-set routines for those who simply want to focus on their workout, and the freedom to play with advanced parameters for those who want to explore the full potential of Sintesi.

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