Pioneers of a
new way of training

Our mission is your
psycho-physical well-being

Regular physical activity is a fundamental aspect of every individual’s well-being, and now more than ever we need to be able to train at home, in limited space.
We founded Akuis and developed Sintesi to meet this need. Our goal is to help people take care of their health in an efficient and enjoyable way.

“Wellness only when you need it,
in the right way. Everywhere.”

We want to make taking care of ourselves easier, more effective and
more motivating thanks to the uniqueness of our digital products.

The story
of a shared

Two enterprising professionals in their thirties, Alessandro Englaro and Mattiarmando Chiavegato, an aerospace engineer and an architect respectively.
Friends since school, united by a passion for fitness and the willingness to put themselves out there and start a business.


This is how, in 2018, the innovative start-up Akuis was born and went on to create Sintesi, the smart gym that replaces weights, barbells and a whole gym’s equipment with two powerful electromagnetic engines enclosed in a minimalist structure, both in terms of design and overall dimensions, perfect for home fitness and personal trainers.

A technological and design solution.
A new multifunctional station on the international market, where form and function meet the most advanced technology in the field of functional training.

The founders

Alessandro Englaro
Mattiarmando Chiavegato

The dream team

Today Akuis is a dynamic company, run by a team of 15 young professionals: athletic trainers, engineers, developers, technicians and commercial and marketing experts who, like our two founders, work to meet the needs of athletes of all levels with cutting-edge solutions for total body training.

Our Partners