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Pioneers of a new way to train

Advanced Kinetic User Interaction Systems

“Wellness only when needed, in the right way. Everywhere.”

We want to simplify taking care of our health, make it effective and motivating thanks to our unique digital products.

The best made in Italy engineering

The SINTESI project was born in 2015 in a garage, like all Startups worth of their name. From the passion for fitness of an Engineer and an Architect who decided to unite their skills with the goal to creating a new way of training.

"Sintesi was initially conceived for the purpose of working out at home, in limited space but with a versatile and complete tool that offered the potential of a full gym.

Hence the idea of removing Weights out of the equation and using Electromagnetic Motors with digitalized load. Once bulk and clumsiness were out of the way, we just had the Function.

But it was not enough. We were looking for a way to simulate gravity and recreate the sensation of free weights, because we were very much aware that they provide the best exercise while letting the athlete learn and control the movements.

So, after a few prototypes and tests, we developed the Dynamic Vectoring system, which expresses to the fullest the versatility of such unique tool that combines several exercise disciplines from weight Lifting to Functional Training."


AKUIS is the acronym of Advanced Kinetic User Interaction Systems, and in Latin (from Acuo-Acuis) it means growing and improving mind and body. AKUIS was founded in February 2018 after 3 years of Research and Development.

The Company has its roots in the Friuli region, in the middle of the wild mountains of Carnia, with head offices at the Carnia Industrial Park.

The Founders

Alessandro Englaro

Mattiarmando Chiavegato

The Team

AKUIS is a young and passionate Team that listens to customers every day and translates their needs into real solutions.
Fitness experts, Engineers, Developers, Technicians, Sales and Marketing experts.

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